Brand Strategy Effectiveness

Brand strategy is more than a logo or tagline! Elizabeth West, Chief Strategist Branding+Marketing for Dunham+Company, reveals the power of brand strategy, what it entails and how to execute it. She shares insights that will help you learn how to communicate with greater relevance by identifying that unique point of difference that will set you apart in a “me-too” market, and ultimately give you greater impact.

In these three sessions, you’ll explore how, by aligning yourself with an empowering brand promise, you can elevate your voice and provide a lasting connection to your audience.

Introduction (1 minute) 

Today’s high-tech culture brings to the forefront an increasing amount of causes that compete for our attention. Elizabeth West, Chief Strategist Branding+Marketing for Dunham+Company, outlines the power of Brand Strategy Effectiveness, and shares her heart for giving ministries like yours a relevant voice in today’s world.

Session 1: Why: The Power of Emotional Engagement (14 minutes) 

Why do you need a brand strategy? People feel before they think. Learn to set yourself apart by connecting emotionally with your audience through a brand promise that meets your target audience’s deepest felt need.

Session 2: What: The Core Constructs (15 minutes) 

What does a brand entail? Explore the core components of a brand strategy that engages both the head and the heart. These include the brand essence, brand positioning, and your very own brand promise.

Session 3: A Case Study (11 minutes) 

How does it work? See a brand strategy come to life through a case study demonstrating proof of its effectiveness. This example gives you a clear picture of how your message can cut through in a “me-too” market and set your brand apart.

Final Thoughts (1 minute)

Elizabeth closes the course and invites you to review other courses offered by Dunham Institute.

Join Elizabeth West as she dives into the why, what, and how of Brand Strategy Effectiveness today!




Liz brought 25 years of branding and marketing experience to our team when she joined in 2010. Located in the Dunham+Company Australia office, Elizabeth uses her incredible gifts to help our global clients discover their brand identity. As the Chief Strategist of Marketing+Branding, Liz applies Dunham+Company’s unique brand strategy model to develop everything from full-blown strategies to marketing campaigns and value propositions.

Brand Strategy Effectiveness

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