How to Create an Effective Fundraising Newsletter

Some organizations labor under the misconception that printed newsletters have become obsolete and no longer appeal to modern audiences. But, they couldn't be more wrong. Newsletters are still powerful resources for connecting with supporters and generating income – the problem is that most simply aren’t written or designed effectively. 

In this three-session course, Dunham+Company’s Chief Creative Officer, Derek Scott, teaches you how to develop a successful fundraising newsletter. He explains how to avoid the mistakes most organizations make when drafting and designing these pieces, and he shows you how to maximize your impact – even if readers simply scan your content (which most do!).

This course includes:

Introduction (1 minute)

Believe it or not, a printed newsletter still has considerable fundraising power – even in the digital age. In this video, Dunham+Company’s Chief Creative Officer, Derek Scott, introduces this versatile communication tool, which can help you build stronger relationships with your supporters and thus generate more income.

Session 1: Rationale (6 minutes)

An effective newsletter will enhance your overall fundraising and communication strategy. In this session, Derek discusses why you should establish a healthy newsletter program, and he identifies some of the common mistakes organizations make when they draft their content.

Session 2: Best Practices (18 minutes)

How long should your newsletter be? What kinds of photos should you use? Should you address your newsletter to a group of people or an individual? Learn the best practices for developing a successful fundraising newsletter and discover how to communicate your message whether or not supporters are reading your content thoroughly or just scanning the headlines.

Session 3: Case Study  (6 minutes) 

Take a look at the elements of a successful newsletter. In this session, Derek breaks down a Dunham+Company ministry partner’s newsletter and examines each component that helped it earn a 7-to-1 return-on-investment. Derek then discusses how you can incorporate these elements into your own communications.

Conclusion (1 minute)

Derek ends the course by encouraging you to dig into the art and science of newsletters and harness this powerful tool to create more impact for your cause. 

Purchase “How to Create an Effective Fundraising Newsletter” today and start connecting with – and generating donations from – your audience through a strategic and well-executed newsletter program.




Derek Scott

Derek joined Dunham+Company in 2003 because he’s passionate about using his creative skills to help Christian ministries fulfill their call. He ensures the unique brand perspective of each organization is captured and communicated well, and through his leadership, he works to see every desired outcome fulfilled.

How to Create an Effective Fundraising Newsletter

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