Fundamentals of Effective Fundraising

Led by Rick Dunham, Founder and CEO of Dunham+Company, this course gives a comprehensive view of the fundamentals of effective fundraising gleaned from nearly 40 years in the fundraising profession.

Engineered for organizations any size, this course includes the following sessions:

Introduction (4 minutes)
In this brief overview of the Fundamentals of Effective Fundraising, Rick provides an overview of what you can expect out of this course and how it will benefit you.

Session 1: Top 10 Fundraising Mistakes (16 minutes)
Join Rick Dunham, CEO of Dunham+Company, to take advantage of hard-won lessons learned through his over 40-plus years of fundraising experience. Maximize your full funding potential by avoiding 10 fundamental fundraising mistakes that organizations continue to make.

Session 2: Building a Proper Fundraising Framework (19 minutes)
The fundraising process is composed of several unique disciplines. Juggling this complexity often leads organizations to excel in one or two areas to the neglect of the others. Ultimately, this shortsighted approach unnecessarily stunts organizational impact. Take basic, repeatable steps toward developing your holistic fundraising methodology to drive sustained, scalable revenue.

Session 3: Database Best Practices (10 minutes)
It may not be flashy, but your database sits at the epicenter of all fundraising activity. If your database is healthy, your organization will be empowered to consistently produce and measure fundraising performance. Avoid six key database management pitfalls to ensure your organization is primed for success.

Session 4: Importance of Brand Strategy (12 minutes)
The emotional and relational impression people get when they think of your organization has everything to do with your effectiveness. So the question is, what has your organization done to intentionally shape this experience so that it actually communicates your vision? Gain objective tools to demystify the development of your brand essence and messaging platform.

Session 5: Key Principles of Online Fundraising (23 minutes)
Developing a holistic online fundraising strategy is now mission-critical as organizations increasingly find themselves competing for funding in today’s techno-centric culture. But where do you begin? Get over a dozen tips, tricks, and guidelines for creating your comprehensive digital fundraising strategy.

Session 6: The Fundamentals of Major Gift Development (13 minutes)
Throughout history, deep relationships stand at the center of every significant movement. Similarly, major donor relationships play a vital role in the current success and legacy of your organization. Discover six industry-leading best practices and four principles to better cultivate and care for your major donor relationships.

Session 7: Closing Thoughts (1 minute)
The prospect of building and implementing a comprehensive fundraising framework can be overwhelming. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the industry, you’ll find encouragement to drive for sustained and scalable results with fundraising fundamentals every single day.




For nearly 40 years, Rick has helped nonprofit organizations exceed their fundraising goals and increase their impact. Since founding Dunham+Company in 2002, he’s served organizations around the world creating fully integrated fundraising and marketing strategies. He is also a well-respected voice on issues surrounding charitable organizations.

Fundamentals of Effective Fundraising

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