Millennial Donors: They're Not Who You Think They Are

Millennials are now the single largest generation in history. Yet the overwhelming majority of charitable organizations have failed to develop a specific strategy to build and maintain sustained partnership with this surprisingly generous generation.

Crack the Millennial code: Join Rick Dunham, CEO and Founder of Dunham+Company, for this research-driven webinar and learn how:

  • Generational similarities and differences drive international giving trends.
  • Faith, social media, volunteerism, and communication work together to motivate Millennial giving.
  • Frequency trumps format when it comes to digital and analog forms of donor communication.
  • To leverage additional tips, best practices, and resources to grow your Millennial donor base.

Introduction: Why are Millennials Critical to the Success of Your Organization? (2 minutes)

Millennials are the largest generation in history, and as their surprising generosity continues to mature, it’s never been more critical for organizations to know who millennials are, what motivates them, and how they give.

Session 1:  Generational Giving Differences, Faith, and Volunteerism (11 minutes)

Discover international differences in generational giving, the surprisingly large role faith plays in influencing charitable contributions, and the equally shocking statistical insignificance of volunteerism when comparing philanthropic cultures across the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

Session 2:  The Role of Technology in Giving (11 minutes)

Technology plays a central role in how Millennials interact with their world, with the average Millennial checking their phone 150 times a day. This generational techno-centrism places increased importance on your organization’s website, the ease of the giving experience, and the increased value of regular, multi-channel communication… including direct mail!

Session 3:  Social Media, Online Giving, Direct Mail and the Value of Communication (14 minutes)

Surprisingly, Millennials value and expect communication from the charities they support much more frequently than their generational counterparts, with 81% of Millennials expecting a phone call at least annually. Learn how to use this increased expectation for communication to motivate your Millennial donors to engage and give.

Final Thoughts (3 minutes)

Now that you’ve demystified Millennials – who they are, what motivates them, and how they give – the question remains: How will your organization leverage this information to drive organizational impact? Complete this webcast journey and gain practical tips, best practices, and resources to grow your Millennial donor base.




For nearly 40 years, Rick has helped nonprofit organizations exceed their fundraising goals and increase their impact. Since founding Dunham+Company in 2002, he’s served organizations around the world creating fully integrated fundraising and marketing strategies. He is also a well-respected voice on issues surrounding charitable organizations.

Millennial Donors: They're Not Who You Think They Are

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