Key Principles for Online Fundraising

The overwhelming majority of ministries fail to fully leverage online fundraising resources. That’s why Tom Perrault, Chief Operating Officer of Dunham+Company, invites you to take his course so you can learn how to apply simple, repeatable digital fundraising principles.

Tom’s gleaned proven practices during more than 20 years of web-based ministry growth experience, so let him show you how to keep from leaving opportunity on the table. Start maximizing your organization’s online impact today as you learn to…

Session 1: Getting Started (5 minutes)

Navigating the online fundraising landscape can be intimidating. Over 3,600 different platforms, vendors, and tools for marketing, communication, and fundraising are available to organizations around the world. Don’t be paralyzed by the complexity! Learn to take simple steps that drive results.

Session 2: Properly Leveraging Social Media (11 minutes)

Are you wondering how to leverage social media to expand your organization’s reach? Discover how social media isn’t just a digital billboard to broadcast your ministry’s content and needs. Case studies reveal that organizations that prioritize community-building are the movements maximizing their fundraising value through social media.

Session 3: Getting the Most out of Your Website (5 minutes)

Website traffic is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Are you stewarding it well? Landmark research has revealed that organizations focused on improving four key areas of their online presence have consistently experienced exponential improvements in giving.

Session 4: Effective Email Communication (5 minutes)

Studies show email remains the single most important line of communication your organization has to engage your community. Don’t be overwhelmed by our ever-changing mobile environment. Learn how to prioritize and then optimize your email for mobile impact by taking advantage of industry-leading best practices.

Session 5: Optimizing the Donation and Thank-You Process (9 minutes)

Simplicity is key when it comes to designing your donation page. Organizations miss out on countless opportunities when their donation page is confusing or the giving process has too many steps. Simplify, simplify, simplify! In addition, discover how to increase donor retention through a streamlined gift acknowledgment process.




Tom joined Dunham+Company in 2015. For over 25 years, he has served a wide range of ministries and charities through Christian radio and digital media. His leadership ensures the Dunham+Company culture remains wholly focused on exceeding client expectations.

Key Principles for Online Fundraising

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