Major Gift Development: The Value of Donor Research

They say “knowledge is power” – and that’s particularly true in the field of major gift development. You need to understand your potential high-end donors, their giving capacity, and their passions before asking them to invest in your ministry. Otherwise, you might waste a lot of time and resources building relationships that won’t help you reach your goals.

In this two-topic course, Erik Rogers, Dunham+Company Chief Strategist Major Gifts, discusses the questions to consider and data to explore before approaching high-level donors. You’ll learn…

  • The importance of donor research to determine whether or not a donor aligns with your organization’s mission.
  • The four key questions to answer that will help you better understand your donor.
  • The proper use of wealth screening data to identify supporters with the ability and inclination to invest in your ministry.

This course includes:

Introduction (1 minute)

In this brief introduction, Dunham+Company’s Chief Strategist Major Gift Services, Erik Rogers, discusses the value of research and its role in understanding major donors and determining how they align with your organization’s mission. Erik also touches on questions you should consider while gathering donor data.

Session 1: Putting the Puzzle Together (7 minutes)

Take a look at the four key questions you need to explore before asking a potential supporter to make a significant investment in your ministry. This information will help you determine how a donor might relate to and partner with your organization to make a difference.

Session 2: Case Development (12 minutes)

What does wealth screening really tell you about donors? In this session, Erik discusses how to process wealth screening data and use it to determine someone’s giving capacity and patterns. He also identifies scenarios in which you might want to research beyond the screening to get a full picture of your potential supporter.

Conclusion (1 minute)

Erik wraps up the course by emphasizing the importance of understanding your donors and the usefulness of wealth screening data to identify solid fundraising leads.

Get “Major Gift Development: The Value of Donor Research” today – and start identifying the donors who are willing and able to make a difference through your organization.




J. Erik Rogers

Erik Rogers joined the Dunham+Company team in 2016, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience and a skillset that combines fundraising, marketing, advertising, and major gift development with high net-worth individuals. He works with our clients to help them develop and implement the right strategies for major gift development.

The Value of Donor Research

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