Social Media for Ministry

Social media has transformed the way we build relationships – including relationships with donors and constituents. Led by Nils Smith, Chief Strategist Social Media+Innovation at Dunham+Company, this course gives you:

Session 1: Introduction (4 minutes)

Facebook is about to pass 2 billion active daily users. You read that right... 2 billion! Is your organization capitalizing on this historic opportunity? When you choose the right platform for your ministry, don’t settle for attracting an audience. Build a community!

Session 2: Understanding the Networks (11 minutes)

How should your organization invest in social media? Which platform(s) should you use and why? Discover the unique differences between each of the primary social media providers, who’s using them well, and how your organization can best leverage these powerful tools.

Session 3: Content Strategy (4 minutes)

Content connects us. In fact, good content is the key to unlocking community. Learn the 4 tested values and 4 content themes your organization should utilize, and see how these filters can help you maximize the community-building participation of your followers.

Session 4: Conversation and Measuring Effectiveness (4 minutes)

If content connects us, it’s conversation that cements the bonds of community. And in order to reach, engage, and convert more individuals into communicating members you must first define what success is and what it means for someone to loyally participate in your community.

Session 5: Facebook Ad Strategy (2 minutes)

Wondering where to begin with social media advertising? Get comfortable with all the major ad platforms and learn how to utilize them together to build awareness, increase engagement, and move community members toward deeper connection.

Session 6: Other Best Practices and the Future (4 minutes)

Don’t get overwhelmed with everything needed to efficiently and effectively manage your social media channels. Learn how to take advantage of amazing free tools to get the most out of your investment and make sure you stay in front of the ever-changing digital landscape.




Nils joined the Dunham+Company team in 2016. With his extensive background in social media, innovation, and communication, Nils helps our clients create more impact through the latest social media and online best practices.

Social Media for Ministry

$149.00 USD