Creating a Generous Church Culture

In this course, Trent Dunham, President of Dunham+Company, unpacks the foundational, biblical truths that undergird a healthy giving culture within your church. And he addresses some of the most tangible (and often ignored) fundamental practices that will foster an environment where giving is a privilege rather than a chore.

This course includes:

Session 1: The Theology of Fundraising (15 minutes)

Scripture is clear: God longs for the hearts of His people to be wholly His. Even now a battle is raging for your congregation. How can giving be so important to God yet remain so neglected by those who lead His people? Unpack the biblical basis for the spiritual discipline of fundraising and help your church discover the abundance of whole-hearted devotion to God.

Session 2: Creating the Vision (12 minutes)

Unlock your church’s unique vision formula to begin your journey to generosity. How has God called your community of believers to partner with Him to expand His kingdom? All partnerships require investment, but what will it cost? And how will your church recognize and celebrate Kingdom results when they’re realized?

Session 3: Making the Vision a Reality (30 minutes)

Learn practical guidelines, tips, and tricks from churches leading in generosity. Is your web presence and donation process set up to prevent or promote increased giving? How do you choose the best mobile giving platform? What’s your communication strategy so congregants understand the impact of their giving? Get answers to these questions and many more.

Session 4: Closing Thoughts (2 minutes)

When you put together all the pieces – from biblical teaching about giving to closing the vision loop, from mobile giving platforms to communication strategies – you won’t just lead your people to be more generous and deepen your church’s impact. You’ll help your people have hearts that are more fully God’s!



Trent joined Dunham+Company in 2003 as an account executive. With a background in accounts and sales, Trent worked to help more clients achieve more impact. Today he provides strategic leadership to Dunham+Company, ensuring we remain a global leader in serving nonprofit organizations.

Creating a Generous Church Culture

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