Maximizing Your #GivingTuesday Strategies

#GivingTuesday gets bigger every year. In 2018 alone, it raised $400 million online for nonprofits in more than 150 countries worldwide!

That means this annual giving event has become a massive philanthropic movement with the potential to help your organization experience unprecedented success.

And with the latest course from the Dunham Institute, Maximizing Your #GivingTuesday Strategies, you can discover how to craft an effective campaign that will make the most out of this increasingly important opportunity. 

Dunham+Company Senior Digital Analyst Danielle Rice leads the course and shares proven strategies for reaching potential #GivingTuesday donors.

Get valuable insight into…

  • The history and significance of the event
  • Best practices for crafting a #GivingTuesday campaign
  • Tests and case studies that illustrate effective fundraising strategies
  • Free tools and resources for maximizing #GivingTuesday impact

Purchase Maximizing Your #GivingTuesday Strategies now – and experience outstanding results during one of the most productive giving days of the year!


Danielle welcomes you to the course and briefly introduces the tips and best practices that will help you make the most of #GivingTuesday. 

Session 1: History of #GivingTuesday

What is #GivingTuesday? Learn the history of this important giving event, examine its outstanding results, and discover why your organization should start participating.

Session 2: Best Practices

Find out how to craft an effective fundraising campaign. In Session Two, Danielle touches on topics like social media marketing, email communication, and giving goals as she explains the ins and outs of successful #GivingTuesday strategies.

Session 3: Test & Case Studies

Examine specific #GivingTuesday results in Session Three as Danielle discusses tests and case studies. You’ll learn which tools, strategies, and communication mediums have helped particular nonprofits reach their giving goals. 

Session 4: Tools

Discover the FREE tools and resources that can take your campaign to the next level and learn about a brand-new #GivingTuesday release designed to get children excited about helping others through giving.


In this closing session, Danielle gives a quick course review and suggests other Dunham Institute resources that can help your organization continue to grow – even after #GivingTuesday.



Danielle joined the Dunham+Company team in 2018 with over six years of marketing experience.

Danielle now works as a Dunham+Company Senior Digital Analyst and seeks to understand and utilize the data behind human interaction. That’s how she stays informed of digital trends and best practices and identifies key tactics that deliver results for her clients.

Maximizing Your #GivingTuesday Strategies

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