How to: Google Ads

More than 63,000 Google searches take place every second, which equates to about 2 trillion searches per year.

That is a massive marketing opportunity for your organization. 

Using Google ads, you can now reach unprecedented numbers of potential donors online – if you know how to properly optimize this unprecedented tool.

How to: Google Ads is a valuable, four-topic course that teaches you the basics of Google advertising and how best to utilize it. Dunham+Company Senior Ad Buyer Katherine Realegeno leads each session and offers tips and best practices for getting the most out of your ads.

You will learn...

  • The various types of search, display, and video campaigns
  • How to pair compelling copy with strong keywords for SEO success
  • The best strategies for effective targeting and bidding
  • How to interpret ad reports and determine a campaign’s performance

Get How to: Google Ads today – and start using this dynamic platform to connect with new audiences and achieve new goals.

This course includes:


In this introductory session, Katherine welcomes you to the course and explains why Google ads provide such effective results, helping your organization reach more people and impact more lives.

Session 1: Search Campaigns

There are a few different types of search campaigns, but they all require the right copy to be successful. Learn how to pair keywords with compelling text to help your ads succeed in a competitive market.

Session 2: Display Campaigns

Google display campaigns allow you to reach customers with very strategic targeting. In Session Two, Katherine explains the four different types of display ads and gives advice on how to create high-performing campaigns. 

Session 3: Video Campaigns 

It may seem daunting to create video advertisements, but Katherine explains in Session Three that you can easily use the platform to develop captivating campaigns with great ROI. Gain insight into the advantages and disadvantages of various types of video advertisements and get helpful tips about how to get the most from each platform.  

Session 4: Diving Deeper 

Dig into the nuts and bolts of Google advertising and discover the best strategies for targeting and bidding. Session Four unpacks important terms and concepts you need to know and also, helps you understand your ad reports and improve overall performance.


Katherine ends the course by encouraging you to keep testing Google ad strategies until you find what works for your organization.


Katherine became a Senior Ad Buyer for Dunham+Company in 2019 after gaining four years of experience in digital advertising and social media management. With a strong history of ministry work, she’s always working with a passion to grow the Kingdom using all things digital.

In her role, Katherine works with our digital team to plan, coordinate, and implement the best possible strategies that will help clients create lasting impact through online advertising.

How to: Google Ads Offer

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