How to Grow Your Audience and Impact on Facebook

With over 1.37 billion daily and 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook continues to set the bar when it comes to social media reach and influence. And its sustained pace of innovation often means the majority of organizations are woefully behind the times when it comes to maximizing their social impact.

Led by Jennifer Abohosh, Chief Strategist at Dunham+Company, this case study-driven course covers the following sessions:

Introduction (1 minute)

Session 1: Social Media Growth (4 minutes)

Unlock Facebook’s hidden potential to expand your social media influence and impact. You’ll gain exclusive access to how one organization made a $500 investment to realize exponential social engagement in just three weeks. Learn organic branding and SEO tips and simple advertisement strategies to build both your audience and donor loyalty. 

Session 2: The Like Ad (3 minutes)

Has your organic social media growth plateaued? Do you need to target and activate segments of your audience on demand? Through real-world examples, you’ll learn to leverage low-cost, nimble, and scalable advertisement strategies to expand and activate your existing Facebook audience. Maximize your social impact. Learn today, implement tomorrow.

Session 3: The Lead Ad (8 minutes)

Do you wish you could expand and connect with your audience more frequently and intimately via email? Every day, organizations are converting millions of passive social consumers to active participants through targeted Facebook Lead Ads. Learn how to unlock your consistent, scalable, and low-cost lead source to discover and engage even more donors.

Session 4: Effects of Consistent Posting (6 minutes)

Discover your simple, repeatable daily social media content strategy to help drive increased likes and reach. One case study saw a 650% organic increase in web traffic after just 30 days of regular posting, and another saw a 6,500% increase in social engagement.

Conclusion (1 minute)

Now that you have the tools and tips to leverage Facebook’s ever-expanding platform, it’s time to get to work! This brief recap will help inspire you to create engaging content, foster social connection, and then grow and convert your audience using multiple ad techniques so even more donors can be developed to deepen your organization’s impact.



Jennifer joined Dunham+Company in 2014 as a Digital Account Coordinator. She now leads our digital teams to ensure our clients get leading innovative and effective strategies for their fundraising and marketing goals.


How to Grow Your Audience and Impact on Facebook

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