Managing Change for Growth

Change in inevitable. Either your ministry is facing a pivotal moment of transition right now, or it will soon. And the process can be painful.

But change doesn’t have to mean crisis. It’s possible for your ministry to not only survive–but actually thrive through even the toughest seasons of transition.

Josh Crowther, Executive Director for Dunham+Company Australia, shows you how in his Managing Change for Growth.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Successfully navigate the three phases of change
  • Build a framework for stimulating growth in the midst of change
  • Constructively deal with the realities associated with change

Purchase this course today and discover how your organization can achieve new goals even as you evolve.


Josh welcomes you to the course with an honest discussion on the effects change can have on a ministry. You’ll be equipped with a viable framework for encouraging growth during the process of change, as well as get tips for dealing with the realities of organizational evolution.

 Session 1: The Framework of Effective Change

Change is a difficult process for any organization, but if done well, it can actually help you reach new goals. Session One shows you how to navigate the three phases of change and incorporate them into a framework for stimulating growth.

Session 2: Anticipating the Reality of Change 

Everything doesn’t always go according to plan. But the ability to capitalize on seasons of change can propel your ministry forward in exciting ways. Learn what to expect when your organization enters a season of transition and get tips for navigating some of the most common issues so your ministry can evolve and grow.


Josh ends the course with a helpful review of how to navigate the realities of evolving ministries and the framework you can implement to turn periods of transition into seasons of effective change.



Josh Crowther

Josh joined Dunham+Company in 2008, and has since served dozens of clients around the world. Whether it’s a 100-year-old organization or a small start-up charity, Josh has the experience and commitment to help organizations develop integrated fundraising and marketing campaigns.

Today, Josh is the strategic lead for the Dunham+Company Australia team and has become a leading authority in developing effective, integrated fundraising and marketing strategies for our clients.

Managing Change for Growth Offer

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