Matching Gift Strategies

A strong matching gift strategy can be one of the most effective ways to take your development program to the next level to create more impact. So if you have questions about matching gifts, get answers!

Join Dunham+Company’s Chief Strategy Officer, Bob Guittard, through this 5-session course to find out why matching gifts work, and how to best use them.

You’ll find out:

  • When and where to use matching gifts most effectively
  • How to secure matching gifts from your donors
  • How to introduce them through your communication channels
  • What to do when the campaign is over, and the matching gift is fulfilled

You’ll appreciate the balance of strategy and practical tips this course offers to help your organization make the most of matching gifts.


This course includes: 


Bob shares what you can expect from this 5-session course about how a matching gift strategy can help your overall development and fundraising program.

Session 1: What is a Matching Gift?

Bob starts off by defining a matching gift and how it differs from a challenge gift. You’ll also hear about the terminology nuances to distinguish the two and what it means for donor response.

Session 2: Matching Gift How-tos

You want to secure a matching gift, but how? What steps do you take? Who is your target audience? Bob answers these questions and more about how a matching gift strategy can boost your development program. 

Session 3: Matching Gift Case Studies 

The proof is in the pudding. Look at six case studies about how matching gift strategies improved the overall campaign response for other organizations – including their income, net income, and ROI. 

Session 4: Matching Gift Implementation 

Find out some of the best times to use a matching gift, and how often. Bob also shares how to communicate a matching gift to your supporter base and what specific messaging tactics to use.

Session 5: Matching Gift Follow-up

The campaign is over, and donors have matched the full amount of the gift. So what’s next? Ensure you finish well with strategies to ensure your donors feel their gift was worthwhile.


Bob wraps up with the importance of a long-term development strategy that cultivates donors and sets your organization apart as one that's doing things differently for maximum impact.



Bob Guittard 

Since joining Dunham+Company in 2004, Bob has helped our clients increase their worldwide impact through our strategic service teams. His long history with us gives him incredible insight and experience that helps our clients achieve their goals.

Bob has been a strategy leader for dozens of U.S. and global ministries, ranging from legacy global organizations to small start-up charities. He’s developed and executed hundreds of integrated fundraising and marketing campaigns, and he brings this extensive expertise to every client he serves, guiding them through their own campaign strategy.

Matching Gift Strategies

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