Major Gift Development: Staging an Event

Major Gift Development: Staging an Event

Fundraising events can make a huge impact for your organization. They can raise awareness for your cause, provide opportunities to connect with major donors, and help generate significant amounts of support. But you have to think through each detail thoroughly for an event to be successful.

In Major Gift Development: Staging an Event, Dunham+Company’s Chief Strategist of Major Gift Services, Erik Rogers, discusses the key components of an effective fundraising event that will connect with and motivate your supporters.

In this three-topic course, you’ll learn how to …

Plan a well-conceived event that shows donors how they can join your cause

  • Execute that event so attendees leave feeling thoroughly appreciated and informed
  • Implement follow-up strategies that encourage the maximum amount of engagement and support

This course includes:

Introduction (1 minute)

In this session, Chief Strategist of Major Gift Services, Erik Rogers, introduces the course and gives a brief overview of what you’ll learn about the planning, execution, and follow-up strategies for fundraising events.

Session 1: Planning the Event (17 minutes)

Learn to plan a successful fundraising event that thoroughly explains your organization and how donors can become a part of its mission. In this part of the course, Erik helps you think through the purpose, guest list, location, donor research, and other aspects of an effective charity gala or program.

Session 2: Executing the Event (9 minutes)

Give your major donors an experience they won’t forget! Discover the five key elements of event execution that will elevate the program for donors, strengthen their connection with your organization, and increase their desire to support your mission.

Session 3: Event Follow-up Strategies (8 minutes)

How do you get the best possible return on investment from your event? Learn a few priceless follow-up strategies that will help solidify relationships with donors and encourage their ongoing partnership.

Conclusion (1 minute)

Erik ends the course by reviewing its three main points. He talks about how your strict attention to certain details can help build strong fundraising events and make donors feel appreciated, welcomed, and motivated. 

Get Major Gift Development: Staging an Event right now – and start organizing highly effective galas, events, or programs that help your organization make more of an impact for God’s Kingdom!



J. Erik Rogers

Erik Rogers joined the Dunham+Company team in 2016, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience and a skillset that combines fundraising, marketing, advertising, and major gift development with high net-worth individuals. He works with our clients to help them develop and implement the right strategies for major gift development.

Major Gift Development: Staging an Event

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