Leaving a Legacy: A New Look at Today’s Planned Giving Donors

What do we know about legacy gift donors? Understanding who they are and why they give could change everything. 

In this course, Dunham+Company founder and CEO Rick Dunham highlights an in-depth study on today’s planned giving donors.

This fresh research will show you:

  • Why legacy gifts matter
  • How to develop your planned giving program
  • The general profile of a legacy donor and primary motivations for planned gifts
  • How to effectively communicate the opportunity for legacy giving

A soon-to-be massive transfer of wealth will leave an incredible opportunity for planned giving. Dive into this research today and be prepared!

This course includes:


Want to better understand planned giving donors? Rick Dunham introduces an in- depth study on legacy giving with important background information, including how the research was conducted. 

Session 1: Why This Study?

In this session, Rick explains why legacy gifts matter and discusses a soon-to-be massive transfer of wealth that will leave an incredible opportunity in terms of planned giving. 

Session 2: Will Making, Estate Planning, and Gift Types

These donors are planners and they are purposeful! This second session dives into the profile of a planned giving donor, including estate planning habits and the most popular vehicle they use for legacy gifts. 

Session 3: Donor Profile and Motivations

Donor retention is everything! Rick summarizes the research into how long donors typically support an organization before making a planned gift. This session also explores primary motivations for a planned gift and findings that suggest legacy giving isn’t just for the wealthy. 

Session 4: Donor and Organizational Relationship

How does the organizational relationship impact the donor’s decision to give a planned gift? Rick also explains how planned gifts affect annual gifts.

Session 5: Key Takeaways and Final Thoughts

In this final session, get eight key takeaways to help you move forward in planned giving within your organization.


The research for this Dunham Institute course was provided by The Giving Institute and Giving USA Foundation. To purchase the full report on philanthropic giving, visit www.givingusa.org.


For nearly 40 years, Rick has helped nonprofit organizations exceed their fundraising goals and increase their impact. Since founding Dunham+Company in 2002, he’s served organizations around the world creating fully integrated fundraising and marketing strategies. He is also a well-respected voice on issues surrounding charitable organizations.


Leaving a Legacy: A New Look at Today’s Planned Giving Donors Offer