Giving Strategies for Churches

You understand how important giving is to the growth and impact of your church. But you might be surprised by all of the challenges involved in getting your congregation to engage financially! That’s why we want to help you reevaluate your current strategies, and develop new ones, to encourage your congregation to meet your giving goals through this course, “Giving Strategies for Churches.”

This course contains 30- to 45-minute webinars with training about how to encourage giving in your church, including:

  • How to Keep Giving Strong Through the Summer Months (40 minutes)
  • Integrating Giving into the Weekend Experience (38 minutes)
  • End-of-Year Giving (27 minutes) 
  • The Power of Thank You (36 minutes)

We’re also adding as a BONUS resource:  

  • If God Will Provide, Why Do We Have to Ask for Money? (20 minutes)

Purchase “Giving Strategies for Churches” today and see the impact of your church grow!

Giving Strategies for Churches

$249.00 USD