2018-2019 Giving Trends

You may have noticed that the giving environment has entered a season of difficulty.  

But with the latest course from the Dunham Institute, 2018-2019 Giving Trends, you can make sense of current philanthropic trends and access the data you need to respond effectively. 

Join Dunham+Company President Trent Dunham to examine some of the key results from the Giving USA 2019 annual report. He shares some surprising results you may not be aware of and puts the findings into clear context for your ministry.

Gain valuable insight about… 

  • Overall giving trends in 2018 and what they mean for your organization
  • Helpful survey results regarding donor behavior
  • Constructive ways your ministry can respond to the data 

Download 2018-2019 Giving Trends today – and get the data you need to make more impact for your cause.



Trent begins the course with a quick introduction to the current data vital for you to know in order to shape effective fundraising strategies and achieve new goals.

Giving Trends

Take a look at results from the Giving USA 2019 report that have major implications for nonprofits – particularly faith-based organizations. Session One provides you with a helpful overview of giving trends from 2018 and what they might mean for your ministry.

Additional Key Findings

Session Two covers more findings from Giving USA 2019 that equip your organization to react strategically to the current philanthropic environment. Gain insight into current donor retention and acquisition rates, direct mail effectiveness, and more – plus, get tips on how to adjust your fundraising strategy in light of this data.


Trent wraps up with a practical summary of the course’s valuable content and an encouraging word to help your organization succeed. 



Trent joined Dunham+Company in 2003 as an account executive. With a background in accounts and sales, Trent worked to help more clients achieve more impact. Today he provides strategic leadership to Dunham+Company, ensuring we remain a global leader in serving nonprofit organizations.

2018-2019 Giving Trends