Major Gift Development: Your Case for Support

You can’t simply explain your organization’s mission to a potential major supporter and expect him or her to write you a check immediately.

You have to approach your high-level donors with a well-developed case for support that explains who you are, why you exist, and how they can partner with your organization to make a difference in the world.

Major Gift Development: Your Case for Support is a 3-topic course that teaches you how to craft clear and compelling communication strategies that connect with your biggest supporters. Erik Rogers, Dunham+Company Chief Strategist Major Gift Services, teaches the course and helps you…

  • Clearly communicate the purpose and passion of your organization
  • Show donors how your organization impacts issues they care about most
  • Equip your major gift officer with the tools needed to make a case for support 

This course includes:

Introduction (1 minute)

High-level donors want to know for certain that their gifts will make a difference. Erik Rogers, Dunham+Company Chief Strategist Major Gift Services, uses this introductory session to outline the components of this course that will help you build your major gifts program and improve communication with vital supporters.

Session 1: Putting the Puzzle Together (6 minutes)

This session shows you how to craft a case for support that actually connects with donors who have the capacity to help you reach goals. It also shows you how to put the puzzle pieces of a compelling statement together so supporters know who you are and why you exist. And it helps you know how to identify the key areas of your organization that might appeal most to these donors.

Session 2: Case Development (7 minutes)

In this session, Erik talks more about the specifics of a well-developed case for support. He discusses four elements of successful donor communication that include both initial and follow-up interaction. He also teaches you how to frame your case in a way that takes the focus off your ministry and, instead, emphasizes how the donor can make a difference.

Session 3: Field Resources (8 minutes) 

Equip your major gift officers with the right tools to connect with donors. In this part of the course, you’ll discover the four essential items – such as a brochure and proposal template – every officer needs to sufficiently make a compelling case for support.

Conclusion (1 minute)

Erik uses this closing session to review the elements of a case for support that clearly communicate who you are, what you’re about, and how donors can make a difference through their generosity.

Get Major Gift Development: Your Case For Support today – and start connecting with high-level donors and garnering more support for your cause.





J. Erik Rogers

Erik joined the Dunham+Company team in 2016, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience and a skillset that combines fundraising, marketing, advertising, and major gift development with high net-worth individuals. He works with our clients to help them develop and implement the right strategies for major gift development.

Major Gift Development: Your Case for Support

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